Custom Branded Eco Packaging

Are you wanting custom branded packaging solutions?

SIMPLI can certainly help with compostable bags and any other eco-packaging you may require.

With our custom service, you can choose your colours, designs, add your logo and message and even tailor make the sizing of your mailer bags. 

A few key things that might be helpful to know about custom branded compostable bags:

The production & printing process for compostable bags requires the minimum order quantities start at 10,000 units.

There are some printing limitations.  Some colours may not work well for mailer bags, for example, really light colours and in particular, white bags are not completely block out; the printing process and materials means it is actually a milky transparent colouring so you may see the product inside the mailer bag. In that case, we would suggest you choose a darker colour and inverse your logo colouring, ie: white print on a darker background bag colour.

Either way, our team at Simpli are more than happy to help. 

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